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Madmyk is Michael Stuart David, age 50. Mike is a Captain and 25 year veteran of the Surrey Fire Rescue Service in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Mike started in the fire services in 1977 as a volunteer firefighter in the neighboring city of Delta, B.C. at #4 Firehall. In 1983 Mike, along with 9 other recruits started as a paid career firefighter with the Surrey Fire Department, just outside Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mike has always enjoyed working in the fire service. The firefighters are a dedicated bunch, at the fire station and off duty says Mike. They all care about what they do and about the people they protect. They go above and beyond the call of duty every shift. All of which, influence Mike’s artwork.

As an artist of many mediums, Mike has created many fire department related pieces of artwork. From drawings, posters, designing, woodwork and has carved soapstone for over 25 years. Creating mostly bears, whales and birds of prey. All wildlife Mike grew up with on the banks of the Fraser River in Ladner. Many of his carvings have been for awards, retirements and trophies for Fire Departments. Look in any fire station around the Greater Vancouver area and you’ll see Mike’s carvings in the trophy cases.

Growing up, Mike always had a pencil or marker in his hand and drawing cartoons. With the advent of home PC’s Mike was able to learn computer design and started creating dozens of logos, posters, fire dept patches, T-Shirts and other fire department related artwork. Woodcarving is his latest passtime. Carvings of firefighters, motorcycles, Harley eagles and motorcycle logos.

From Hockey, Softball and LaCrosse jersey's to T-Shirts for fire companies and activities, Mike has designed many.

He has designed dozens of shoulder patches; apparatus door decals, belt buckles, pins, posters and his proudest work, Surrey Firefighter’s union badge.


Not tying him down to one medium, Mike has created other artworks for the fire service. He has designed and built dozens of desktop model towns for training. Also fleets of model fire apparatus that are used with the towns.

He has spent many years creating videos for the SFD and his latest project has seen him framing and hanging photos of, the men, apparatus and the history of his department in numerous stations across the city.

These days Mike spends a lot of time riding with buddies Tom, Ron, Ray, Trevor, Al and dozens of other Surrey Firefighter's that ride. Trips through the beautiful landscape of British Columbia and Washington State and tours across the other US States are regular rides. Last summer Mike, with buddies Tom, Ray and Trevor rode a 3 week tour to the big state of Texas and back. The boys crossed 8 states and met many friends. Wearing the new colors of the International Association of Firefighters Union Motorcycle Group that Mike himself designed.

The International Association of Firefighters launched the new club in Las Vegas in June of 2005. Tom and Ron were with Mike at the Inaugural Ride where the new colors he designed were unveiled. The unveiling was followed by a ride around the Vegas area. The boys put on almost 1000 miles in 2 days.


These colors will be worn by every member of the IAFF Motorcycle Group in the US and Canada and with the number of members now up to around 1700, it seems there will be a lot more.

So, if you need a logo or carving for your fire department or motorcycle club, you’ve come to the right web site!

We hope you have fun riding around the site and if you need any work done creating logos, need a carving for retirement, awards etc, or you just want to say hi, give us an e-mail on the ‘Contact Madmyk’ page.

Check out Madmyk's Photo Gallery for photos of fire department related chrome, fire themed motorcycles, fire department motorcycle clubs, 9-11 tribute bikes and almost everything related to what You are here for! Firefighter's that ride!





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